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La otra Missy
Quote A great movie about how because of an erroneous message to a wrong person can result in funny and somewhat perverted situations between the male lead and the female lead, in what should be a journey of tranquility.
toc toc: Una comedia obsesivamente divertida.
Quote I loved this movie, I feel that so many different mental problems and in what some or several of them are my own demons, try to live together and help each other in some way, the end surprised me, I never expected it.
Misterio a bordo
Quote come on, of this the only fact that the protagonist is adam sandler already before seeing her, I deduced that I would love it, he is a great actor and wherever he comes out I'll always laugh
¿Quién *&$%! son los Miller?
Quote Too funny, all those scenes where one of the family members always screwed up and that almost ruined the whole operation, and that was like "they were already discovered", they didn't allow me to get up from the sofa.
Ese es mi hijo
Quote Really good, to have Adam Sandler as a dad? That was my idea or thoughts at some point, then I saw this movie and I preferred that it was just my favorite actor haha.

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