Top 10 K-Dramas while you're social distancing

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Itaewon Class
Quote Very unique love triangle. You can also enjoy watching a food startup become a unicorn.
Quote This drama shows a very raw version of the hardship of Korean working culture. It's highly interesting to see how the main character gets through from the bottom.
Reply 1994
Quote I can't explain why I love this drama. Nothing dramatic or twisty, but highly addictive. It's based on the 90's Seoul based on a family and students living together in the house.
My Love from the Star
Quote The best love story I've ever seen. It's between a (highly handsome-looking) alien and a top actress in Korea.
Descendants of the Sun
Quote My second best love story so far. The main guy is an army guy working with special forces and he falls in love with a woman surgeon. There are lots of action scenes and thrilling but romantic rescue scenes.
Good Manager
Quote It begins as a fun comedy. It's about a highly talented accountant who doesn't have a proper degree or background but enters a top company in Korea. Over the episodes, it develops into a fun thriller show.
SKY Castle
Quote It's a hardcore drama about the super harsh and competitive education system in Korea. You will be end up watching whole episodes once you begin with. It's highly addictive thriller show.
Boys Over Flowers
Quote It's kind of a silly romantic show based on a very famous Japanese cartoon. It's a typical love story between a guy who is a heir of the biggest conglomerate and a girl from super poor family.
Quote I loooooooove this Zombie series so much. Set during the Choseon Dynasty (about 16-17 century?). It begins with a dead King who was infected by something... he becomes a zombie and spreads it all around the country.
Two Cops
Quote 1000% recommeded to watch. One of the main guys is falsely arrested by the main cop guy. Someone tried to kill both guys during transporation, and suddenly the framed criminal's spirit transferred into the body of the main cop guy.

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